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We are the national pioneers of ‘Be The Difference’ for remote accommodation and village lifestyle, known for our thoughtful application of considered interior design principles.

  • Encourage positive mental health outcomes and promote a healthy lifestyle and associated activities.

  • Facilitate a sense of community and encourage positive social interaction.

  • Attract professionals who will benefit from this culture whilst residing at your mining village. 

Our services encompass interior design and spatial planning for the complete layout and design of remote accommodation, social and recreation areas, urban garden designs and community areas. 

We implement intelligent workspace solutions to reduce potential mental health issues by focusing on environmental influences together encouraging social interaction. 

We can contribute to increased mental resilience and wellbeing with considered interior finishes, colours and materials reflecting a sense of nature and comfort for remote accommodation, recreational and urban areas.

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Our commitment to the environment means we are continually working with our local and overseas suppliers to select materials and manufacturing procedures to reduce our products impact on the environment.


Our mine site interior fit-outs are manufactured in Western Australia with local Australian material. Our selection of mine site bedroom furniture options are constructed from commercial grade timber finishes reflecting the colours and materials of the Australian outback. 


We offer a selection of customised corporate branding for each mine site, from custom printed upholstery with corporate branding, printed digital wallpapers, custom made a carpet with corporate branding, signage and logos.